Raw Materials:
Handprint Website - the most impressive independently created website containing an expansive amount of information on watercolor manufactures, the quality of individual brands (based on self testing done by the websites author)

Watercolor Paint Manufacturers - list of various websites of professional quality watercolor paint manufactures (gathered & annotated by me using Diigo a social bookmarking / web organization site)
Daniel Smith

Travel Sketch Information: 
Listed below are a few of my favorite "sketch blogs" focusing mainly on watercolor sketching techniques. Also they each contain excellent information, and idea for creating a portable travel kit complete with everything you need to create exceptionally beautiful sketches!
Trumpetine Travels
Travels in a Sketchbook

Personal Preferences: My Color Palette 

NOTE: before you purchase any watercolor paints I highly recommend visiting Handprint and doing some preliminary research on any brands you're considering. Also be sure to check the lightfastness ratings of any paint before purchasing. Each brand labels lightfastness differently so read each manufacturers directions for instructions. Information should be provided by the paint manufacturer on they website.

Why go through all this trouble worrying about lightfastness? Well --if you don't take into consideration the raw materials your artwork is created with you risk having your work deteriorate or fade significantly [if you want proof check the section on lightfastness in Color and Light :: before seeing this I was 100% unconcerned with the durability/ sustainability of my paints. After seeing the damage of just 6 months in direct sunlight I was a changed artist who meticulously read each and every paint label checking to see which pigments used. ]

My color palette is constantly changing based upon my current subject, recent pigment durability & lightfastness information available and other variables (if I tried to write them all I don't think I would ever finish writing this page alone much continue adding to ART-aid!) That being said I do have a general collection of colors that I constantly use time, and time again. Those basic colors are listed below - along with the brand that I generally use for each.

Transparent Red Iron Oxide- M. Graham
Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide M.Graham
Cadmium Yellow Light- Schmincke
Cadmium Yellow Deep- Schmincke
Primary Yellow- MaimeriBlu Artist Grade
Azo Orange- M. Graham
Gamboge- M. Graham
Translucent Orange- Schmincke Watercolors
Scarlet Lake- Winsor & Newton
Primary Red-Magenta- MaimeriBluArtist Grade
Cobalt Blue- M. Graham
Permanent Green Pale- M. Graham
Cobalt Teal- M. Graham
Cobalt Violet- M. Graham
Helio Blue Reddish- SchminckeWatercolors

Additional Items Recommended 
Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper - either 300gms (does not require streaching/will not buckle) or 15 ---> example of the paper I use linked to below:
Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper 22 x 30 inch - Pack of 5 Sheets

Schmincke Colored Masking Fluid
Color Shaper Angle Chisel Firm 06 - to apply masking fluid (you can apply with a brush but be sure to use a cheap brush you're not attached to. Masking fluid can be impossible to get off.. but if you choose to go the brush route coat your brush with soap before applying masking fluid. This will make it much easier to clean once you're done with the masking fluid).

1 BIG Squirrel Quill Mop - size 14 or above
1 medium squirrel quill mop - between 06 to 02, example brush linked to below:
ISABEY Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop Size 06
1 small squirrel quill mop - between 02 to 00
1 sable round rigger for details

Watercolor Painting Demonstrations 

FROM this......

From time to time I will take pictures of my paintings throughout the creation process. Then I add brief descriptions of how I go from one step to the next. Things I usually cover include: what paint color / brand I use to paint a specific area, my general thought process for the composition, and the reasoning behind each of my steps as I progress throughout the painting.

All of my paint demos - are viewable here at my flickr account, specifically in the "painting demo" set.

to THIS! explained 
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