February 10, 2011

Lastest Stuff: Elsewhere 
Recently I've been dealing with what is commonly referred to as: "writers block" - except I suppose in my case it would be considered "artists block". In any case this is why there haven't been as many posts as usual especially about my most recent paintings. I did however recently publish a new article over at TTB about the many benefits of using Flickr as an online photo sharing service. Soo if you are looking for an economic way to quickly and easily upload, edit and organize photos - I highly recommend checking out that article.

In it I discuss the many networking potentials that flickr provides for professional and or research purposes. I also go over the basics of organizing flickr images (from adding titles, tags, and descriptions, to creating sets, galleries, and collections).

Art Aspect
Aside from that I've been working on getting back in to the creative flow of things - so that I can hopefully soon return to my regular sell almost always with a paintbrush in hand.

Although I haven't been creating "finished pieces" of art I have been doing lots of little sketches or pieces here an there. I always make it a point to finish each no matter what the composition size or scale is -- however that doesn't always work out.... That being said working on a smaller scale has allowed for a lot more variety in my choice of medium.

For example over the past ~ week I've worked on and off with: watercolors, copic markers, colored pencils, water soluable colored pencils/ crayons, oil paint, and pastels. I've also tried to vary my work surfaces. For watermedium purpose I've switched between cold & hot press watercolor paper, and for oil painting I've gone back and forth between amperstand hardboard (that I primed / gessoed) and linen.

Until I get past these "kinks in my creative process" I'm going keep working until I get back to normal. I've enjoyed working with a broad range of mediums and as I've said it has been nice to have an increased amount of variety in the studio.

Happy creating and have a wonderful thursday!


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