December 9, 2010

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just for fun! 

Kodi - 2005
16" x 20" acrylic on canvas
Since I published my lens yesterday about Teddy here at art-aid - I figured it would only be fair for me to make a page for my other dog. So today once I had time I sat down a created a page for Kodi my six year old siberian husky.

To read more about my other Kodi check out the post ! There is even a funny video of Kodi, begging for a cookie - in his "cookie bone" where there are slots to insert cookies at either end of the rubber chew toy.

Also in keeping with the theme of art aid I had to upload a painting I did of Kodi, that is the image just to the right.

Productivity against the Odds
Hope everyone's finding time for art even with the hectic holiday season upon us and the (at least in my region) cold + uninspiring weather! If your still unable to get inspired don't worry it happens to everyone, at some point... but try to do something that will benefit your art in the mean time.

Perhaps this means working on creating an online portfolio to feature your personal style, or generating an artblog where you allow readers to follow along on your journey through the creative process. If all this sounds way more complicated then you were thinking but you are still interested in expanding your art into the digital network there are other less intense options.

You don't have to start a website or create a complicated portfolio, instead start with something that is smaller scale and less intimidating. I recommend looking into either diigo or delicious two cloud bookmarking services, free of charge, that allow you to organize links across the web. They also have lots of community /

To read more about diigo and delicious + other web 2.0 tools check out this extensive article I wrote earlier this year (it goes over cloud bookmarking, and how you can use it to increase your knowledge and market reach of the web exponentially). Something to think about - especially if you are feeling uninspired in the artist sense and looking for a productive way improve the business side of your art!


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